Jupiter Apple's pictures and paintings

Jupiter Apple, or Júpiter Maçã (as he's called in Brazil), is Flavio Basso, a extremely eclectic music artist from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.

He started by the age of 16 with a band called TNT and then Cascavelettes (which made a huge success in the late 80's). Around 1996, Flavio Basso became Júpiter Maçã.
By 1997, he released the album "A Sétima Enfervescência" , which was considered a groundbreaking psychedelic album by the specialized media. In 2008 he released "Uma Tarde na Fruteira" (which was released in 2007, in Spain), considered Sétima's twin album. (just like Beatle's Rubber Soul and Revolver).
In 1999, he released the award-winning album "Plastic Soda", which received compliments and great reviews from artists and bands such as Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Rita Lee and Sean Lennon.
"Hisscivilization", in my opinion, is his finest and most complicated album. A masterpiece which I can't explain in words.
Jupiter have one more album called "Bitter", not so loved by his fans.

Nowadays, Jupiter is in a new (one of his many) phase, releasing only singles and videos, writing mostly in english and giving a electro-pop (ish) mood to his songs.

I had the privilege of being the director of his video called "Modern Kid", nominated for "Video of the Year" category at MTV 's Video Music Awards Brazil in 2009. It was the first time that Jupiter was nominated for an MTV award, although he even had an TV Show there.

Below, is a small collection (among hundreds) of photos I took from him in the past year and a half, when we became close friends and partners in many different projects.

ALL his discography can be downloaded here:
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