In 2014, Brazil will be the host of Fifa's World Cup.
Normally, this would be a reason for joy and commemoration among the population and the politicians; Not only because it brings thousands of investiments to the country, as well as tourists and growth to the cities chosen to be host for the games.
But Brazil has one major problem: Corruption
So far, the world cup has cost US$ 5 billion, and it is 500 million over budget. That's because everything is basically being overpriced due corruption between politicians, construction companies and so forth.
Even though Brazilians are not only crazy about football but as well known for being the best in the sport, they are tired about this and fully aware of what is going on. 
They don't want the World cup.
They rather have the money spent in education, healthcare, transportation.
Oh, and they don't want you to come either.
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